A series of standard grades is named by trademarks to enable the user to become aquainted with the production and delivery program. The broad range of raw materials is the base for the production of wax blends, which are a tailor made solution for many applications.

The trade marks include certain wax grades, which are similar either regarding their composition or regarding the foreseen application. Details are shown in the product survey and in the product information.

Polarit®  –  TeCero-Wachs®  –  TeCe-Ceresin®  –  TeCe-Ozokerit®

paraffinic and microcrystalline hydrocarbon waxes

TeCe-Wachs®  –  Carnicowachs®  –  Ceratrom®

ester waxes

Bienenwachs  –  Carnaubawachs  –  Candelillawachs

classic natural waxes

Polycerin®  –  Carnicol®

palm wax, rapeseed wax, soybean wax, sunflower wax


neutral wax

Cerathen®  – Polycerit®

polymer wax

Ceraflex® – Isoplast®  – Setseal®  – Isodur®

complex wax blends