Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabriken TH. C. TROMM GmbH are situated in the center of Europe on the river Rhine. The company has its facilities on a ground within a broad industrial area in the north of the city. TH.C.TROMM produces and delivers waxes, resins and polymers for technical applications, e.g. for the manufacturing of candles, household products, corrosion protection, pencils and crayons, and also for applications with food contact or as component in cosmetics. The products are produced by blending raw materials. Other products traded by the daughter company TECETE-CHEMIE GmbH complete the delivery program.


The Wachs-u.Ceresin-Fabriken TH.C.TROMM GmbH is a medium sized company – family owned and family operated – with more than 100 years history. The company feels obliged and is committed to European tradition and values and consequently to the rules of environment protection, in competition and behavior with customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and other interested parties.  

The company is committed to the responsibility along the value chain and strives to contribute for the world to offer a liveable future with an improved life quality for all humans. Therefore the company supports customers and society with products, which are using the available ressources in a best possible way. In this sense, successful acting and economizing means, that the company

  • acts in a responsible way within purchasing and production,
  • is a fair and reliable partner,
  • finds the best solutions by creativity and innovation for the requirments of the markets. 

The company is committed to upholding its tradition as well as being dedicated to honesty and integrity with respect to its entire business conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and other stakeholders. Tromm acknowledges that legal and cultural requirements vary in a global market. The company expects its suppliers and customers to act with the same fairness, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business. The entrepreneurial activity is committed to sustainability and decisions are made with respect and in full responsibility for mankind and environment.

The company is aware of the responsibility for its products and supports the targets of the EC Chemical Politics (REACH), to improve the safety of all parties along the production line as well as the consumer safety, environment protection and sustainability. 


The decisive factor is the profound knowledge of raw materials, their provenance, background and production as well as the correct subsequent processing to intelligent products. The quality of the products and extensive technical services contribute to the success of the company and its recognition in the market. Comprehensive documentation, that meets the valid purity requirements for many applications, is available for the wax products. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001.


The company is committed to the further improvement and evaluation of products and markets. The research and development department is continuously looking for innovative applications that are tailored to our customers’ processes and products. A qualified team of experienced chemists and technicians is responsible for the global requirements and maintain strong customer relationships. New products are created and developed; the manufacturing and production processes are continuously optimised and expanded.


The home market for TROMM waxes is Middle Europe. By cooperation with world wide situated trading agencies and internationally acting multinational companies TROMM waxes are exported from Cologne and find their use in other European countries and in many overseas regions.


1912  Thomas Carl Tromm founded his own company TH. C. TROMM Cöln a/Rhein and took over the manufacturing processes of the former Tromm & Co. The new company started with the refining of ceresin and was now named Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabrik.

1949   Tromm bought a ground in Cologne Niehl and started the construction of modern production facilities in the city’s industrial area. Following this, the company was named Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabriken TH. C. TROMM GmbH

1958   Tromm established its own department for engineering and the construction of equipment and plants for chemical production.

1968   TECETE-CHEMIE GmbH was founded and integrated into the company as a subsidiary of TH. C. TROMM GmbH.

1988–2011 Focus on the core business. Continuous development of production facilities, product portfolio and business opportunities.

2005–2012 A substantial change in the worldwide supply of the raw materials has resulted in more expensive products. The development of the chemical industry is now determined by the ‘Responsible Care’ initiative. This responsibility is documented by REACH, the regulation concerning the registration of chemicals.

2012  100 years of company’s history

2013  An additonal ground was bought in direct neighbourhood of the plant II, in the industrial area Cologne Niehl; in the following the enlargement of the production and storage facilities was palnned and evaluated.

2016  The comletely re-newed building Hall 20 was finished and put into operation. The warehouse capacity was significantly enlarged.

2020 the new and generous office and laboratory building was finished and ready for move in.

Today Tromm is specialist for waxes and wax applications and well known as a reliable partner in the wax business. Tromm will continue to use the strengthen, to withstand in competition, to accept challenges and to use new opportunities.