Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabriken TH. C. TROMM GmbH are situated in the center of Europe on the river Rhine. The company has its facilities on a ground within a broad industrial area in the north of the city. TH.C.TROMM produces and delivers waxes, resins and polymers for technical applications, e.g. for the manufacturing of candles, household products, corrosion protection, pencils and crayons, and also for applications with food contact or as component in cosmetics. The products are produced by blending raw materials. Other products traded by the daughter company TECETE-CHEMIE GmbH complete the delivery program.


The basic materials do not only consist of  traditional waxes like beeswax and paraffin. The portfolio includes microcrystalline waxes, synthetic waxes, polymers and polymer waxes, resin and rosin, vegetable and mineral oils, hardened  vegetable oils, so called palm wax or rape seed wax, stearic acid and its esters and other fat and wax soluble base materials.

Waxes – Application

Waxes have a wide scope. Used as body of a candle  you will feel and smell wax;  in this application waxes determine the the appearance and performance of the candle.  In many other applications the effect of wax is imperceptibly, as release agent or lubricant, as adhesive or component in adhesives, as polish, glazing agent or glossy coating, as filler or binding medium. These very different and contrary effects can be achieved by only one or a few wax categories, but also and even better by more complex special wax and wax blends, which are designed for the intended application.


A series of standard grades is named by trademarks to enable the user to become aquainted with the production and delivery program. The broad range of raw materials is the base for the production of wax blends, which are a tailor made solution for many applications.


In responsibility for end user and consumers the company applied for several certificates und labels.


TECETE-CHEMIE GmbH  was established in 1968 as a subsidiary company of Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabriken TH. C. TROMM GmbH. The company is engaged in the sales of chemical intermediates, used for further processing in industrial application.

Move into the new office and laboratory building

In March 2020 the new and generous office and laboratory building was finished and ready for move in. The laboratory team now has modern equipment to run the continuous control of materials and products and for the development of new special waxes and wax compositions. The administrative team is supported by a cloud based computer system for order processing and logistics.


You can contact us during our opening hours

Monday to Thursday from 08:00 to 16:45 h

Friday from 08:00 bis 15:30 h

phone number +49(0)221 974552 0


Delmenhorster Strasse 4
D-50735 Köln/Cologne