TECETE-CHEMIE GmbH  was established in 1968 as a subsidiary  company of Wachs- und Ceresin-Fabriken TH. C. TROMM GmbH. The company is engaged in the sales of chemical intermediates, used for further processing in industrial application. The following lines decribe some of the various working areas.

Carnicotect®  –  anti sun check wax

By the trademark Carnicotect TECETE-CHEMIE is selling  spezial products for rubber and elastomer processing. The products are designed for the use as ozone barrier and protective coating of the rubber articles against light, ozone damage and other types of weathering.

Kolon Industries Inc., South-Korea

Since 2005, TECETE-CHEMIE has been distributing hydrocarbon resins of Kolon Industries, Inc. in Germany.  Kolon is one of the major producers and suppliers of hydrocarbon resin in the world. Kolon has modern production plants with high capacity operating in three locations in South Korea and it supplies top-quality products worldwide by the brands:

  • Hikotack®
  • Hikorez®
  • Sukorez®  

Details of the broad product portfolio of Kolon can be found on www/kolonhcr.com. Please contact us for further information. 

ConFormWax®  –  the innovation for construction engineering

TECETE-CHEMIE is licensee for a special wax named ConFomWax®. This wax is well suited to  manufacture precise free form formwork for normal and ultra-high strength concretes or for molds for cold casts. The process provides a multiple times use of the wax.  This enables the user to an economic and ecological (waste free) use of ConFormWax®.

TECETE-CHEMIE took over the production of the wax and offers the product worldwide.

trade of organic and non-organic chemical raw materials and intermediates

support and service for international agencies and trading companies